Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

The first week of the program is in the books!!!! Phew!!! I'll honestly and frankly say--I'm tired! Getting through two sets of all the groups of exercise was enough and I was really, really struggling by the end of the third group this morning to make it all the way through one set.

I decided that I needed a 'real-time' coach to push me through these workouts to make sure I am giving 150% honest Bailey's former owner (Stephen) has taken on that role. He is great in that he pushes enough to get out of me what I need to get done and quite often I'll go above and beyond that. After a few weeks--I'm thinking I'll be able to punch it on my own, but for now, going one workout at a time is the best way to take things.

So here was the workout. It's called MET Training because you're supposed to really generate a lot of 'oxygen debt' by doing the workout. Oh yes, it definitely works!

Group A - did 2 sets of the following quadplex...
1a) DB Flat Bench Press
1b) Tubing/Cable Chest Press
1c) Front Plane Hip Swings
1d) Bodyweight Alternate Lateral Reaching Lunges (I'm just not really proficient at these yet)

Group B - did 2 sets of the following quadplex...
2a) DB Incline Bench Press
2b) 1-Arm Chest Press on Cable Cross-over
2c) Bench Alternating Step-offs
2d) Body-Weight Back-Reaching Lunges

Group C - did only 1 set of this--I was just 'hitting the wall'
3a) DB Flat Flyes
3b) Pushups on ball
3c) Cable Choppers - low to high range of motion
3d) Walking Lunges

Repetitions varied from doing as little as 8-10 on the barbell or dumbbell exercises to doing up to 40 repetitions per leg on the walking lunges.

TOM was definitely a factor in my energy level today...yet as I'm sitting here over the lunch hour...I know NOW that net time no matter how much I feel like I'm melting down in that moment...I can always push ONE more time...because it's the EXTRA that you bring that gives you the EXTRA result. It boils down to ATTITUDE and CHOICE. Do you want to be just ordinary or do you want to be EXTRA-ordinary (Extraordinary)? Think about that one...I certainly am!!!!

Back to work I go!!!!


P.S. Kendall & Kaylin had a WONDERFUL day in Chicago yesterday. They rolled in about 10:00 pm last night, looking pleasantly exhausted after a day of 'hoofing' it around the city! It does a mom's heart good to see her son smiling from ear to ear!

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