Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to my blog!!!

Welcome, ladies!!!!

I've been a 'regular' on the forums for nearly a year now. I keep a regular daily thread there and even have the honor of being the "Dear Diary" forum leader. It's so awesome to have a hand in inspiring women from all walks of life who have various fitness goals. Some are preparing for fitness competitions; others are getting in shape to be able to wear a bikini, others are preparing for an athletic event, and some are working really, really hard at making health/wellness a part of every day life! Whatever their goal--we have a common bond, a common goal. And that is to support, encourage, inspire, and motivate one another! Whether one is having a great day or a less-than-stellar day, there are no less than a dozen ladies who will 'listen' to you, celebrate with you, empathize when you vent, or share those sad moments with you.

The "Dear Diary" section isn't the only great section on the forum. Check out the sections on Fitness, Nutrition, and more too!

The fun starts here! Click on the link below:

You're invited to join in!

Post #2 to follow...I have a lot to say tonight...but my friends who know me well would probably tell me that's nothing


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