Monday, March 8, 2010

It All Started with a "Bucket List"...

...titled "Fifty Things to Do Before I Turn 50"'s posted below...

Disclaimer--Lest you think that I'm going to accomplish all 50 of these things before I turn 50, you're nuts!!! (not really). The goal is to accomplish 10% or at least 5 of the things on the list...but I have a sense that you'll be seeing me tick off a few more than 5...

So--here's the list!

Spiritual Growth
1) Prayer & meditation time daily each morning
2) Read 1 spiritual growth book each month
3) Mentor young woman or teen girl

Relationship Growth
1) Date night at least every other week with DH
2) Spend time with each of the boys individually once a month
3) Girls' night out once a month.

Financial Growth
1) Pay off home equity loan by 7/1/2010
2) Cut monthly grocery expenses in half
3) Cushion of 6 months salary in savings
4) Build up retirement savings
5) Consider secondary (preferably passive) source of income
6) Save for downpayment on replacement vehicle for DH

Home Space
1) Reorganize and clean kitchen
2) Reorganize and clean master bedroom
3) Reorganize and clean Kurt's bedroom
4) Reorganize and clean Keith/Kendall's bedroom
5) Reorganize and clean hallway cupboard
6) Reorganize and clean master bathroom
7) Reorganize and clean laundry room - set up secondary pantry
8) Replace aging desktop computer - DONE!!! HP Desktop Computer - 3/9/2010
9) Replace broken laptop computer - DONE!!! Cherry-red Dell Laptop - 1/17/2010
10)Paint living/dining/kitchen area
11)Replace carpet/flooring in living room/kitchen areas
12)Plants flowers in outdoor landscape (did not accomplish this in '09)
13)Set up home office
14)Organize fitness library - have DH build shelving units
15)Reorganize and clean basement
16)Stain exterior trim on house
17)Reorganize and paint interior of garage - have DH building additional shelving as necessary

Professional Growth/Development
1) Return to school in Fall 2010 to pursue Bachelor's Degree--specifics to be determined
2) Attend 1 professional fitness seminar in 2010
3) Attend a personal growth seminar by a motivational speaker (Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker)
4) Attend Jen Hendershott's Phat Camp in October 2010.
5) Organize work office space in a more orderly fashion

Personal Development
1) Weight stabilized in healthy range with bodyfat percentage in 15-17 percent range by 12/2010
2) Hire Scott Abel as my training coach - DONE - 2/19/2010 - program underway
3) Compete in figure comp before the end of 2010 if coach determines that I am ready
4) Competition suit designed by Passionfruit Designs
5) Earn National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Training Certification - in process
6) Take up yoga for injury prevention and increased flexibility
7) Set up home gym in basement
8) Reorganize and update working wardrobe
9) Establish skincare routine
10)Redo makeup for fresh look for new decade
11)Run 8 miles comfortably by the end of the year - do a 10K
12)Take a vacation by myself
13)Get an Ipod 32GB touch - DONE - 2/27/2010
14)Own 1-2 pairs of "Miss Me" jeans
15)Get bunions fixed in 2011
16)Be featured as a fitness success story in FitnessRx magazine.

So there it is...since I initially posted this in my thread in January, there have been a few more things accomplished as shown above.

I'd really like to post up the details of my nutrition and training plan, but that will have to keep for tomorrow. I need to get tomorrow's workout on paper. Early start at 4:45 am!



  1. So do I! I'd love to see you featured in the magazine! You go, girl!

    You've got LOTS of awesome stuff on that list...and I have NO doubt you'll knock quite a few off by August 2010! :-)

    You've inspired me, girlfriend! Thank you!