Thursday, March 11, 2010

Priceless Family Moment...

Hey there!

Back and recharged! I didn't sleep all that well last night...couldn't figure out why...until Auntie Flo came to visit...ugh...but now that that's underway...hopefully I'll get a full night!!!

Kicked boot-ay with my workout today! The eating plan remains pretty much the same day in and day out, so I'm not going to post a listing every day until I eat something different that is worth sharing with everyone. I bought 20# of chicken breasts on Tuesday that need to get out of the freezer, marinaded, and then on the grill on Saturday. I also want to make a ground white-meat turkey meatloaf, and some turkey burgers as well. Oh, and chop up a bunch of fresh produce such as assorted peppers, cukes, mushrooms, etc...try to get away from the processed, frozen, and convenience versions of veggies as much as possible!!!

Today was our youngest son's 22nd birthday...that's the baby! He's been working so hard at school and really had no special plans for spring break this week, other than to work full-time and earn $$$. So I plotted with his girlfriend. I bought round-trip tickets for the two of them from Holland to Chicago. I put together a backpack of sandwiches/snacks together that they could take on the train and around the city. I took his birthday card and put some $$, the ticket confirmation statement in there. I called his work supervisor on Monday to ask if Kendall could have the day off--to which he said 'no problem'! We managed to keep this a total surprise!

This morning he got up and came out into the living room looking for work clothes to wear in the clean laundry pile. I walked up to him, handed him the card, and said "Happy Birthday"! He opened it up, read the front of the card, and flipped it open to the inside. The money fell out and he said "Wow--what's this?" Then he opened the ticket confirmation. Due to sleep fog, his brain was still trying to assimilate everything! So I explained it all to him. I pointed out the backpack of food on the counter and he just tried to take it all in! He had this totally stunned look on his face at first, then broke out into a huge smile from ear to ear...I don't think he could quite believe that he had been totally kept in the dark. I told him to hurry up and get cleaned up as Kaylin (his girlfriend) was arriving at 7:00 am to pick him up! I turned to leave for work, he caught me in a bear hug and said "I Love You, Mom!" I just about lost it!!!! Hopefully they had a wonderful day--they should be home in the next hour so we can hear all about it!

It's such a great feeling and does a heart good to be able to do that for a loved one! Priceless...

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  1. Girl - That brought tears to my eyes! That is SO awesome...priceless moment is absolutely right! :-) I'm so glad you could pull that off...what a cool thing to do.
    Good job getting some clean eats ready... and best wishes for a good night's sleep tonight! This weather makes me wish I could climb right back in bed NOW - but life needs to happen today, so I'll wait until tonight!
    Hugs and Happy Friday to you, friend!